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(A Retrospective) ACD Consulting Solutions is launched

(Houston, Texas. October 21, 2010) The formation of a new consulting company was announced today by its founder, Alan Doniger. ACD Consulting Solutions will help customers with process and technology initiatives, particularly in the areas of upstream oil & gas and computer & information technology.

Mr. Doniger brings forty years of professional experience most of which involved industry-wide standards initiatives in the energy, communications, and health insurance industries. The past nineteen years were spent working at Energistics and its predecessor POSC. This experience provides a valuable and unique perspective about the motivation and dynamics of industry organizations regarding both their own operations and their participation and use of open industry standards. The previous experience was with Gulf Oil, Chevron and CSC, which included work on both industry-wide and corporate standards projects.

Attentiveness, Collaboration, and Success

The philosophy of the new company is to be attentive to real business needs, to collaborate with the real stakeholders, and to succeed by delivering real value. Efforts to achieve operational business integration and efficiency must be driven by strategic needs and make best use of a combination of commercial offerings, open industry standards, and in-house innovations.

Contact Info

You can contact Alan at